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Setting Up IIS on your local machine


  • To test HTML pages with CSS and javascript
  • To test simple banner ads
  • To test pages with no backend


  • Default looks for Default.asp, Default.html, etc as default page
  • CSS/JS usually should be binded to HTML files (no other set up necessary)


To enable IIS:
Reference: http://www.victorchen.info/enable-iis-manager-in-windows-7/

  1. Start Menu > Search for “Turn Windows features on or off”
  2. Browse to: Internet Information Services > Web Management Tools > IIS Management Console
  3. Select/Check the “IIS Management Console”
  4. Click the OK Button

To Add a new site:

  1. Open IIS Manager (Control Panel > Administrative Tools > IIS Manager)
  2. Right click your machine or Sites and click “Add Web Site …”
  3. Enter a site name
  4. Find directory of the SVN checkout of the pages
  5. Set Port (Change/increment port if already in use, for multiple projects)
  6. Hit OK
  7. Now go to a browser and go to “http://localhost/(port)



  • Control over code base
  • Faster updates/builds by simply doing a SVN update
    • Tools like Jenkens/Hudson- Full builds may take a long time (30 minutes or more)
    • Builds might fail
  • Control over data
  • For video/meda, you can simply throw it on the IIS to test
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